Top Yoga Retreats in Lampang, Thailand

Lampang, Thailand, is home to some of the most beautiful and serene yoga retreats in the world. With its stunning landscapes, tranquil atmosphere and a variety of different retreats and yoga styles (Yin yoga, Hatha, Vipassana, etc.), it’s no wonder why so many people come here to reconnect with themselves and their practice. From luxurious resorts to secluded mountain retreats, Lampang is the perfect place to take a break from the busy city life and unwind in the peaceful surroundings. Whether you’re looking for an intense program or something more relaxing, Lampang has everything you need to make your yoga retreat experience truly special.
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Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Lampang River Lodge with our 14 Days Wellness Programme. Nestled amidst a river valley, a lotus lake, and an...

  • Lampang, Northern Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Lampang River Lodge with our 14 Days Wellness Programme. Nestled amidst a river valley, a lotus lake, and an...

  • Lampang, Northern Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Lampang River Lodge with our 3-Night Wellness Programme. This unique retreat, nestled in the heart of Thailand, offers a...

  • Lampang, Northern Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Meals Inluded
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Lampang River Lodge, Thailand, as you embark on a transformative journey with our 3-Day Wellness Programme. This all-inclusive retreat,...

  • Lampang, Northern Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Lampang River Lodge, nestled in the heart of Thailand, as you embark on a transformative journey with our 3-Day...

  • Lampang, Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Meals Inluded
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Lampang River Lodge, Thailand, as you embark on a transformative journey with our 3-Day Wellness Programme. Nestled amidst a...

  • Lampang, Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Meals Inluded
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Northern Thailand with our 3-Night Wellness Programme at Lampang River Lodge. Nestled amidst a lush tropical forest, a serene...

  • Lampang, Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Airport transfer available
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Book A Yoga Holiday in the Lampang Province

If you’re looking for a yoga holiday in the Lampang Province of Thailand, there are a few great options available. The province is known for its natural beauty, rich history and beautiful Buddhist temples, making it a great choice for yoga practice in a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat.

Some of the best yoga retreats in Thailand aren’t only located in famous busy areas such as Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Bangkok or Phuket but they can also be found in the Thai province of Lampang.

The first option is the Lampang Yoga Retreat, which offers a five-day stay in a luxurious jungle resort with yoga classes and meditation sessions. You will also have access to spa treatments and nature walks in it’s beautiful location, as well as a chance to explore the many cultural sites in the area.

The next retreat is the Lampang Yoga and Wellness Retreat, which offers a combination of yoga, meditation, and health and wellness treatments. The retreat includes classes in Hatha and Kundalini yoga, as well as Ayurvedic massage and nutrition counselling.

The third option is the Lampang Yoga and Nature Retreat, which offers a six-day stay in a private villa with nature walks and yoga classes. You will also have access to spa treatments and a chance to explore the local culture.

No matter which option you choose, you are sure to have a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday in the Lampang Province of Thailand, where you can experience the Thai culture connecting with the local daily life.

Why Go To A Yoga Retreat in Lampang?

Going on a yoga retreat in Lampang is a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take some time to reconnect with yourself. The city of Lampang is known for its beautiful scenery, temples, and historical sites, so it’s the perfect place to relax and find inner peace. You’ll be able to practice yoga in a peaceful and tranquil environment surrounded by nature, away from the noise and distractions of the city. You’ll also be able to explore the local culture and take part in activities like meditation, Thai massage, and Thai cooking. A yoga retreat in Lampang is the perfect place to unwind, relax, and reconnect with yourself.

What Can I Expect From A Yoga Retreat In Lampang?

A yoga retreat in Lampang may include a combination of meditation, daily yoga classes, and workshops to deepen your practice. You may also have the opportunity to explore the area, enjoy local cuisine, and connect with the local community. Depending on the retreat centre and instructor, you may also have access to special amenities such as spa treatments, Thai massages, and other wellness activities.

Exploring Lampang During Your Yoga Retreat Holiday

Things To Do in Lampang

Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang

According to history, this Monument is one of the nation’s most complete wooden temples embellished with several old architectural styles and has been the most venerated historical temple of Lampang for a long time, dating back to the reign of Queen Chammathewi in the late 15th century.

According to the Chinese horoscope, Phrathat Lampang Luang is the assigned stupa for those who were born in the Year of the Ox. The building process also started and ended in the Year of the Ox. The stupa has a lotus-shaped base that supports its spherical, Lanna-style body coated in Thong Changko or alloy plate. The top is composed of gold that has several Prachamyam motifs engraved on it. Both Phrathat Hariphunchai and Phra Borommathat Chom Thong were influenced by this stupa design. The Lord Buddha’s hair, remnants from his right forehead, and the front and back of his neck are preserved in the body of the statue. There is a hole where NanThip Chang, a hero from Lampang, shot Thao Maha Yot, in the brass fence surrounding the stupa.

Wat Phutthabat Sutthawat

The temple is hailed as the Unseen Thailand attraction because of its steep, rocky terrain and golden pagoda that is perched on top of a tall hill. The temple was formerly known as Wat Chaloem Phrakiat Phra Chomklao Rachanuson (Wat Phrabat Pu Phadaeng) or locally as Doi Pu Yak (Doi Phrabat Pu Phadaeng).

A sacred Buddha’s Footprint has been erected at the top of the pagoda. Visitors can drive and park at the lower level of the temple’s front. They must drive for roughly one kilometre and then walk for another kilometre to reach the highest area of the peak.

Chae Son National Park

Mineral streams and stunning natural rocky reefs coexist in Chae Son National Park, which is situated in a hot basin.

The mineral water’s temperature, which can boil eggs in 15 minutes, is between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius. Instead of a solid egg white like young coconut, the boiled eggs will produce cooked egg yolk. Typically, the eggs are sent to produce the well-known dish “spicy mineral egg salad.” The distance between Namtok Chae Son and the Chae Son National Park is roughly one kilometre. Warm mineral water is produced when the waterfall’s stream merges with the hot waterway. To accommodate tourists, the Park offers typical mineral bathrooms for mineral bathing. It is offered year-round and perfect for family groups.

Thai Elephant Conservation Center

The Centre was established in Amphoe Ngao 20 years ago with the purpose of educating elephants to assist with logging in the jungle. However, the government nationwide cancelled the forest concession ten years later.

Elephants were then placed out of service and sent back to the school for training, but there was not enough room for all of the elephants. As a result, the school was transferred to Amphoe Hang Chat, where it still remains. The Centre has set aside space for an elephant hospital to care for sick and newborn elephants. It has also established a paper mill for the sale of products created from elephant dung, including paper for letters, envelopes, notebooks, and other items. Visitors can visit the paper plant to see how paper is made from elephant dung. In addition to the royal elephant stables and the elephant showground, it also has a factory that produces biofertilizer from elephant dung and a biogas power plant that produces electricity for the Centre. The logging operations will be the main topic of the elephant spectacle. Anyone interested in becoming a mahout can sign up for training, after which they will have the option of staying overnight or participating in the elephant show.

Cultural Route Walking Street

Historical Route Walking Street is located on Wang Nuea Road near the Ratchadaphisek Bridge’s or Wat Pratu Thon Phueng’s entrance, which was once part of the city wall. Ku Chao YaSuta, which is situated on the road, was once thought to be Wat Kak Kaeo’s Pratu Khong arched gate.

The Lampang City Municipality hosts “Kat Mua Khua Laeng,” a cultural road, every Friday between 4 and 9 p.m. to preserve the traditional way of life. Starting on Friday, November 5, 2010, the action has been ongoing to this day. Products include organic veggies, plants, local foods, traditional delicacies, vintage items, antiques, basketry, amulet frames, and more. Remember to mention if you have any food allergies to the vendor before buying any food there.

Dhanabadee Ceramic Museum

The Museum was built by Mr. Phanasin Dhanabadeesakul, the second generation heir of Mr. I (Sim Yu) Sae Chin, in memory of the family’s first ceramic business in Lampang, which was founded by A-pa I (Sim Yu) Sae Chin, who discovered kaolin clay.

It presents the history of the Dhanabadee connected firm, the background of the Lampang rooster bowl, and a demonstration of the traditional process used to make rooster bowl ceramics. The mythical “rooster bowl of Dhanabadee” has been the pride of Lampang as the ceramic city of Thailand. Visitors get the possibility to learn about ceramics and art with the aim of preserving Thai art and culture while promoting ceramic expertise and art knowledge for interested people, closely observing modern ceramics production.

The Temple In The Sky

This is undoubtedly one of Lampang’s most picturesque tourist destinations. The temple in the sky, also known as Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat, is a temple perched atop a mountain peak that provides a panoramic view of Lampang’s countryside.

The white pagodas that have been constructed throughout the limestone peaks of this temple, which completely live up to its name, are what make it so stunning.

After arriving at the temple’s parking area, you must first take a Song Taew up the inclining road before beginning the about 300 steep steps that will take you from the bottom to the summit in 30 minutes.

No need to rush because there are various stops along the way. Simply take in the scenery of the mountains as you climb gently. You should have no issue ascending to the viewpoint because even elderly residents undertake the climb successfully finishing.

Best Tours in Lampang

One Day Unseen in Lampang

You’ll first make a stop to Tung Kwian Market, one of the original marketplaces, where you can find a variety of locally produced goods, including fresh produce from nearby farms and clay. After that, a vehicle will take you to Wat Chalermprakiat Phrachomklao Rachanuson. Additionally known as Wat Phrabat Pu Pha Daeng, it is located at the foot of Pu Yak Mountain. The temple was constructed to mark the 200th birthday of King Rama IV of the Rattanakosin dynasty. As you ascend to the pagodas located atop Pu Yak Mountain, the panorama is extremely breathtaking. To make the climb easier, a road route and 300 or so steel steps were built. An amazing location to visit! You continue to explore the lushly forested and hilly Chae Son National Park after lunch. Chae Son Cascade, a 6-level waterfall with pure water running through tall mountains, is the primary draw. The hot spring, which provides a hazy and picturesque scene, is just one kilometre away.

Dining Out in Lampang

Best Restaurants & Bars in Lampang

Ku Chang Heng

Ku Chang Heng is a modest family-run cafe close to Lampang Train Station that is one of the best in the city. You can get to know the family that owns the establishment because you can have a tour with you around the city and their beloved hometown.

The cafe is furnished with wooden furniture that creates a cosy open-air feeling and is designed in a Chinese teahouse style with gorgeous red dragon murals created by one of the family’s children. They market traditional Thai beverages like Thai Milk Tea, robust Thai Coffee, and their mother’s homemade Thai sweets.

Memmoth Cafe

Memmoth Cafe, which is also a hostel has a terrific cafe with a wide variety of breakfast selections as well as western-style coffee and pastries for you to choose from.

High ceilings, balconies, and brilliantly equipped rooms with both old and new decors contribute to the ambiance’s cosiness. Due to its popularity with local tourists, you might encounter crowds there in the late afternoon.

Khao Mun Kai Ha Yak

If you ever find yourself in the area of Wat Chiang Rai in the afternoon, make sure to stop by and eat at Khao Mun Kai Ha Yak.

Hainanese-style chicken rice, a delectable meal of poached chicken and spiced rice, paired with chilli sauce and cucumbers, is offered by the eatery. You may also get them fried or steamed, and no matter which you choose, the chicken will leave you speechless.

Ma Kong Ta Egg Noodle Restaurant

Ma Kong Ta Egg Noodle Restaurant is close to the Kad Kongta market. They have delicious egg noodles.  The eatery is also well-known for its delectable red pork noodle soup, freshly steamed wontons, and of course their egg noodles. You can choose from a wide variety of noodles, and it is affordable to eat there.

Mahamitr Microroaster

Mahamitr Microroaster Cafe, a small hip and industrial-vibe cafe that sells properly roasted coffee with a selection of beans and machines for you to pick, is the best spot to be if you’re searching for a place to relax by the Wang River in Lampang.

The air-conditioned interior and the open-air platform by the river are the two seating places. Visitors love to  sip an iced coffee made in the manner of Thailand. If you choose to sit outside, you will be mostly sheltered from the sun and the chilly wind from northern Thailand. There is no better place to enjoy the river in peace than here, where you will also be mostly protected from the wind.

Pad Thai Yai Fong

A well-known neighbourhood restaurant called Pad Thai Yai Fong is well-known for its enormous river prawns that you receive when you order one of their Pad Thai dishes. It seems that what made the restaurant so well-liked among the people was the recipe for their pad thai, which was passed down from generation to generation.

Its pad thai dish is a staple in Lampang thanks to their excellent tamarind sour sauce, soft yet flexible Pad Thai noodles, and wrapped fried eggs. You may think the location is a little more pricey than other Pad Thai restaurants, but you can be assured you that you will get what you paid for.

Rgong Garden

Rgong Garden is a beautiful open-space location where you will be surrounded by pubs, restaurants, and a beer garden where you may choose from if you’re seeking for a spot to go out at night and be among the young of Lampang. Be sure to time your visit on a Friday because it gets much busier and more enjoyable on Friday nights.

Food Markets in Lampang

Kad Kongta Night Market

The Kad Kongta Night Market, where an entire street has been transformed into a night market with stores and food stalls put up along both sides of the road, is a must-visit if you are there on the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, the night market is open from 4 PM until 10 PM.

Ratsada Market

In Lampang, this market is classified as a historical landmark. The market is often referred to as Kat HuaKhua, or the market at the base of the bridge. Ratsada Pisek Bridge, a white bridge, must be crossed in order to access Ratsada Market. To commemorate the fact that King Rama V had ruled for a longer period of time than any other king before him, the bridge was constructed. The bridge, however, fell apart and was rebuilt during the time of King Rama VI as the white concrete bridge that it is today. Ratsada Market is located at the bridge’s opposite end. The province’s busiest morning market, according to some, is Ratsada Market. The market functions from before sunrise, or around five in the morning, till evening or round 6 p.m.

Kad Kong Ta Street Market

The 1-kilometer Talad Gao road will transform into a bustling night market every Saturday and Sunday from 17:00 to 22:00 with no cars alowed. Lots of delicious dishes and desserts are served here. There are also many local goods and souvenirs available. There are several old colonial buildings that are beautiful fusions of Thai, Lanna, Chinese, Burmese, and European styles. Additionally, you can take in some live events (such as busking and local music) and visit an art gallery on the area. It has a wonderful atmosphere.


Retreats By Location

Find the ideal yoga retreat for you. These retreats are located in a variety of settings around Thailand, from peaceful beach getaways to meditative retreats in lush jungles, you will surely find the best yoga retreat for you and have a restful and revitalising experience.

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