Top Yoga Retreats in Ang Thong, Thailand

Ang Thong, Thailand, offers some of the best yoga retreats in the country. The area is home to a variety of yoga studios and retreats, offering yoga classes to all levels of experience. You can choose from a variety of retreats, including traditional Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, and Ashtanga. The retreats are held in stunning natural settings, such as in rainforests, waterfalls and riversides. During your stay, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga, including increased flexibility, strength, and relaxation. Additionally, you can spend your days exploring the local culture and cuisine. Whether you're looking for a relaxing yoga retreat or a challenging one, Ang Thong has something to offer.
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Book A Yoga Holiday in the Ang Thong Province

One of Thailand’s centre provinces is Ang Thong. The name “Ang Thong,” which translates to “gold basin,” is supposed to have come from the terrain of the area, which resembles a basin, and the golden colour of the rice grown there.

The little province of Ang Thong is situated in the central lowlands. Although there are significant tourist attractions, most are centres of history, religion, culture, way of life, and folklore. Historical temples can also be found all across Ang Thong. In contrast to the Southern Thailand provinces, Ang Thong is a less touristic province. Even though it is a bit off the beaten track, visitors can travel there in a single day because it is not far from Bangkok.

Yoga retreats in Ang Thong cater to individuals seeking a holistic wellness approach with an option to practice guided meditation. You can share your daily yoga practice with other like-minded people by attending a yoga retreat in the province of Ang Thong.

In most yoga retreats, you can access all the typical amenities after your daily yoga classes, such as the gym, sauna, pool, Thai massages, and other group activities. In some cases, you’ll have the chance to stay at a beautiful bamboo hut to rest at the end of the day. Some retreats also offer yoga teacher training courses.

Why Go To A Yoga Retreat in Ang Thong?

Ang Thong is the ideal location to practise yoga, unwind, and restore your mind, body, and soul, achieving inner peace. These yoga resorts are perfect for restorative yoga.

The province is home to several fascinating natural features. The Phu Kradung National Park, located in the province’s north, is home to some of the nation’s tallest mountains. The well-known Doi Tung Waterfall, where many people go swimming and hiking, is also nearby. The Nam Ngum Reservoir, located in the province’s southern region, supplies water to Bangkok, the nation’s capital. Additionally, boating and fishing are available.

In Ang Thong, there are more than 200 stunning temples. This province has a thriving local handicraft industry that includes the creation of royal doll sculptures, drums, clay bricks, and other items. This province is also where Thai folk music surged.

Some highlights of the Ang Thong province:

  • Wat Khun Intapramun is an ancient temple. The giant reclining Buddha statue known as Phra Sri Muang Thong is housed there.
  • An ancient temple from the Sukhothai era is called Wat Pamok Worawiharn. It has a sizable statue of the Buddha lying down.
  • At Wat Riwwa, there is a natural bird garden. Openbill stocks, herons, cormorants, kingfishers, shrikes, etc., are among the birds found there.
  • The important and well-known handicraft basketworks of the Ang Thong province are centred on Basketwork Village near Ban Bangchaocha.

Ang Thong is an excellent location to go on a yoga retreat if you want to visit an area that few tourists have been to and discover valuable peace and quietness to practise yoga because it is less tourist-oriented than other locations. If you want to experience Thai culture authentically, this is the place to be!

What Can I Expect From A Yoga Retreat In Ang Thong?

Ang Thong is a beautiful and peaceful province in Thailand. A yoga retreat in Ang Thong will give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of this idyllic setting. You can expect to find a range of different yoga classes, from beginner to advanced, to suit everyone’s level. You can also expect to have access to beautiful countryside yoga retreats, complete with stunning views of the forest. In addition, you can take part in guided meditation and mindfulness classes, as well as enjoy the tranquillity of the area with gentle walks and bike rides. At the end of the day, you can relax with a massage or spa treatment or enjoy some traditional Thai cooking classes.

Exploring Ang Thong During Your Yoga Retreat Holiday

Things To Do in Ang Thong

vISIT The Great Buddha of Thailand – Wat Muang

Ang Thong is home to one of the most magnificent views you will ever see, including one of Thailand’s largest Buddha statues. You can see The Great Buddha of Thailand and its obscenely golden reflection of the 92-meter-tall Buddha Image from miles away. It is bordered by lush green rice paddies and tall palm trees.

You may also find other gory scenes from the Buddhist interpretation of hell inside the temple, including statues of people suffering various forms of torture, such as being thrown into a bronze cauldron to boil in hellfire or being made to climb a tree covered in thorns while nude.

However, as you stand in front of it and gaze up at the enormous Buddha Image, you will see that the investment was worthwhile. They truly did a great job of creating the image. The statue’s precisely symmetrical dimensions, the uniformly golden hues that permeate the entire image, and the sheer size of it all are all astounding.

Admire The Beauty Of Phra Tamnak Kham Yat Ruin

Phra Tamnak Kham Yat, an Ayutthaya-era ruin located on the outskirts of the province of Ang Thong, was built in the 18th century as a temporary house for King Borommakot of Ayutthaya to visit the reclining Buddha at Wat Khun In Phramun.

The Phra Tamnak Kham Yat Ruin is an excellent illustration of just how extensive the Ayutthayan empire was at the time. The pavilion’s four walls are still standing, and you can still make out parts of the exterior window decorations.

This location is amazing and historic. The abandoned temple is home to many birds as well as a cat. The temple is located on a large field, an excellent area to stroll through or have a picnic. It’s also in a fantastic area allowing you to take good photos. Even though it is in ruins, the structure is stunning and can be seen in all of its architectural detail.

Visit Wat Khun Inthapramun And Pay Respect TO Its Outdoor Reclining Buddha Image

You can continue east after visiting Phra Tamnak Kham Yat and visit Wat Khun Inthapramun, which has one of Thailand’s few remaining outdoor reclining Buddha images.

One of the most revered and historic temples in Ang Thong is Wat Khun Inthapramun, home to a 50-m-long reclining Buddha statue. People travel from across the nation to revere the reclining Buddha figure, constructed in the 13th and 14th centuries during the Sukhothai monarchy.

According to legend, Wat Khun Inthapramun is named after a revenue officer who secretly stole money from the government to erect the Buddha statue. He refused to tell the king where he got the money when the monarch inquired since he thought the king would get all the credit for building it, and as a result, the king sentenced him to death. It deserves a visit to appreciate its impressive presence (both the temple and the statue) and excellent level of detail.

Scale The Wat Tha It’s Golden Pagoda

The seven stories of the golden pagoda, which resembles a pyramid, are each intended to emit a different colour of light. Although the windows don’t open all the way, the climb itself is straightforward, and the view from the top is quite pleasant. As a result, you would need to sneak your camera outside to snap some pictures. The Great Buddha of Thailand is well visible from this location.

You can climb the golden pyramid-shaped pagoda at the Wat Tha It temple near Wat Khun Inthapramun to get a nice view of the Ang Thong landscape.

Explore The Overgrown Banyan Temple At Wat Sang Kratai

It’s time to check out what there is to do in Ang Thong City after touring the outer reaches of Ang Thong. A well-known site in Ang Thong City is Wat Sang Kratai, a dilapidated temple supported by the roots of three Banyan trees.

A few Buddha statues may be found inside Wat Sang Kratai, and villagers frequently visit them to show respect. The Banyan trees that line three of the building’s corners and the sprawling roots that support the very structure you are standing in make the interior absolutely gorgeous. Nature consistently makes a way.

Best Tours in Ang Thong

Excursion to Ayutthaya, a World Heritage site and Ang-Thong Discovery

Visit the ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand’s former capital and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on a guided tour that includes mediaeval temples and ancient Buddha sculptures. You may learn more about the history and culture of the location on a private tour with an English-speaking guide, as well as a stop at a local market and take a tuk-tuk ride.

Dining Out in Ang Thong

Best Restaurants & Bars in Ang Thong

Lao Cafe

The Lao Cafe is the ideal location if you’re looking for a pleasant cafe with the nicest view in Ang Thong. People frequently go there for breakfast and just to unwind with a glass of iced Lao coffee and some toast with butter and sugar in the afternoon.

The Great Buddha of Thailand statue is appropriately positioned to face the cafe’s outdoor dining area from across the nearby rice fields despite the Lao Cafe’s off-the-highway location.

As you are far enough away to see the Buddha image statue’s scale in relation to the rest of the surrounding terrain, it is perhaps the best view of the Great Buddha of Thailand statue.

Niramit Restaurant

Niramit Restaurant, which offers a variety of delectable Thai cuisine at a reasonable price, is another place that is well-liked by people. If you’re at a large party and want to share a variety of seafood meals with your pals, the Niramit Restaurant is well renowned for its prawn and other seafood dishes.

If you’re travelling alone, you can also get the tasty and inexpensive Prawn Pad Thai dish for one. The Pad Thai recipe was spiced up to stimulate your taste senses, and the prawns are enormous and delicious.

Teow Serm Rod

Chicken rice, Tom Yum Noodles, and braised pork noodles are all delectable dishes in this place. They also sell a variety of brewed drinks, such as iced coffee and o-liang.

Pinto Restaurant

Delicious food is served at affordable costs at Pinto Restaurant, including spicy stir-fried pork cartilage, tiled prawns, simmered eagle fish, and stir-fried horse fish with cha-om yod. Pinto pig knuckle, bird-long rang, and honey-baked pork ribs. Khun Tok has created a unique recipe for pad Thai, a dish that is usually served with noodles. Isaan cuisine and Ban Hao are among the other well-known cuisines served here as well as Vietnamese foods.

Food Markets in Ang Thong

The San Chao Rong Thong Vintage Market

San Chao Rong Thong Vintage Market is a 100-year-old market where the wooden structures are maintained, and the daily lives of the people who live along this section of the Chao Praya River are kept, located not far from Wat Muang.

Since the market has always catered to the residents living in and around this area rather than visitors, there aren’t many things to buy from it other than street food here and there, which helps to retain local culture in a way that other historic markets can’t.

We advise you to walk through the market for about an hour. Additionally, a vintage river crossing station is nearby connected to the river by a cable and a ferry. We’re not sure if natives still use it, but it certainly is intriguing to see.

San Chao Rong Thong Market

The more than 100-year-old market is a Thai-Chinese neighbourhood that still has its original wooden row homes, ancient hotels, a rice mill, food stores, and typical Thai-Chinese drugstores. Additionally, Dok Lamduan, Sommanat, and Dok Din, which are regional sweets of Mueang Wiset Chaichan and include steamed buns and dumplings, are popular there. These are examples of traditional Thai desserts. A taxi-boat model standing on the river opposite the market was built by the local wisdom from memories of the passenger boats that used to run along the Noi Riverbank. Both were created by local wisdom and offer services in the vicinity of the Wiset Chaichan Market community.

Ang Thong

Retreats By Location

Find the ideal yoga retreat for you. These retreats are located in a variety of settings around Thailand, from peaceful beach getaways to meditative retreats in lush jungles, you will surely find the best yoga retreat for you and have a restful and revitalising experience.

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