Top Yoga Retreats in Bangkok

Bangkok is an excellent destination for yoga retreats! The city is teeming with tranquil retreats that offer the perfect balance of stretching and relaxation. Top Yoga Retreats in Bangkok are a great way to relax and rejuvenate during your stay in this bustling city. From luxury spa resorts to tranquil retreats, Bangkok has a variety of retreats that offer a range of yoga classes and activities. Whether you want to explore the city, take part in mindfulness meditation, or relax and take in the vibrant culture of Thailand, these retreats are a great way to do it. With world-class instructors, beautiful settings, and plenty of relaxation and rejuvenation, these retreats will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, Bangkok has something for everyone.
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Welcome to The Aspire Club's 14 Days, Clean & Lean Program in the heart of Bangkok. This is not just another fitness program, it's a...

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey of self-discovery and mindfulness with the 28-day Techo Vipassana Course in Bangkok. At Techo Vipassana Meditation Center, we offer...

  • Saraburi, Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Meals Inluded
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Embark on a transformative journey with The Aspire Club's "14 Days, Clean & Lean Program" in Bangkok. This is not just about weight loss, but...

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Meals Inluded
  • Airport transfer available
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Escape the city's hustle and bustle and join us at The Aspire Club for our "14 Days, Fitness Weekend Retreat, Aspire Coaching, Bangkok". This retreat...

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Meals Inluded
  • Airport transfer available
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of yoga with our "28 Days Yoga Retreat, in Bangkok, Yoga School Thailand". This retreat is a unique blend...

  • Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Meals Inluded
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Escape the city's hustle and bustle and join us at The Aspire Club for our 2-Day Fitness Weekend Retreat at Aspire Coaching, Bangkok. This retreat...

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Meals Inluded
  • Airport transfer available
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of Bangkok with our "7 Days Yoga Retreat" at Yoga School Thailand. This retreat is a unique blend of...

  • Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Languages: English, Thai
  • Meals Inluded
  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Bangkok: A Popular Yoga Holiday Destination

Bangkok is an increasingly popular holiday destination for yoga enthusiasts. The city is home to a wide variety of yoga studios, retreats, and classes, making it an ideal spot for those looking for physical and spiritual growth. The city is also incredibly affordable, making it an excellent choice for travellers on a budget. Bangkok has something to offer everyone, from luxurious spa and yoga retreats to more laid-back and affordable classes.

Bangkok is a vibrant and exciting city, full of energy and culture. Visitors can explore the city’s bustling markets, vibrant nightlife, and many temples and historic sites. There are plenty of cultural attractions to explore, including the Grand Palace and Wat Pho, both of which are popular sites for yoga and meditation retreats.

Bangkok is a fantastic location for those looking for a reinvigorating yoga retreat. It’s no surprise that it has become such a popular destination for yogis from all over the world who enjoy practising yoga for the purpose of improving and maintaining health while immersing themselves in a great location without breaking the bank because of its vibrant culture, stunning locations, delicious healthy food, and affordable living costs.

Why Go On A Yoga Retreat in Bangkok?

A yoga retreat in Bangkok is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Bangkok is known for its vibrant energy and fantastic attractions, which makes it the ideal destination for a yoga program. With an abundance of world-class yoga studios, access to incredible cuisine, and various luxurious accommodations, Bangkok is the perfect destination for a yoga retreat.

Yoga retreats in Bangkok offer the opportunity to experience a variety of yoga styles and modalities, including hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, and more. Participants can also explore mindfulness and meditation practices with experienced instructors. Additionally, a yoga retreat in Bangkok is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, deepen your yoga practice, and immerse yourself in the city’s culture.

A yoga retreat in Bangkok has something for everyone. Bangkok has something for you whether you’re looking to relax and unwind or improve your practice. From luxurious accommodations to fantastic cuisine, practice yoga in a Bangkok retreat is the perfect way to recharge and relax in an exciting and vibrant city.

What Can I Expect From A Yoga Retreat In Bangkok?

A yoga retreat in Bangkok can offer a variety of experiences. Depending on your chosen retreat, activities can range from daily yoga sessions and meditation classes to Thai massage, cooking classes, and cultural sightseeing. You can also expect to enjoy delicious local cuisine, explore Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife, and connect with fellow yogis worldwide. Retreats typically last for several days and can include accommodations, transportation, and meals.

Exploring Bangkok During Your Yoga Retreat Holiday

Things To Do in Bangkok

Visit the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is the most well-known site among all the attractions in Bangkok. The palace once served as the king’s residence and the base of operations for the Thai government. The palace is around 214,000 square metres; thus, seeing it can take many hours.

Ride the Sky Train

Getting on one of the sky trains is the only way to go through Bangkok at any speed while maintaining your composure. There isn’t a better way to travel if your carriages have air conditioning.

Most of the time, you are elevated above the traffic below, offering you a perspective of the city, but the train also follows the shortest path. There is a train station in almost every area of Bangkok that you might ever wish to visit, making transportation a breeze.

Take a Boat Trip along the Chao Phraya River

Bangkok is sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the East” because of all the tiny canals that feed into the Chai Phraya River, which runs through Bangkok. The river is Bangkok’s lifeline. Even today, 50,000 people commute to work on one of the several ferries that travel up and down the river.

A boat ride down the river is fascinating because you can see luxurious hotels and high-rise condos in some places, while wooden shacks and kids playing in the water are seen in other places. To further explore the city, feel free to board and exit the ferries at any of the stops they make.

Visit The Bangkok National Museum

Thailand’s largest collection of antiques and Thai objects is kept at the Bangkok National Museum. King Rama V first inaugurated the museum in order to display all the gifts that his father had bestowed upon him.

The museum contains a variety of fascinating items, including Khon masks, Chinese weapons, valuable stones, puppets, and garments and textiles. If you visit the museum on a Thursday, you can take an English-language tour to better comprehend everything there.

Have a Thai Massage

No matter where you are from, you have probably heard about Thai massages and perhaps even seen a Thai massage parlour in your town or city. However, nowhere will a traditional Thai massage be performed as well as it would be in Thailand.

You’ll feel rejuvenated, balanced, and like you have a fresh lease on life after receiving a Thai massage.

Some handpicked retreats include Thai massages as part of their wellness yoga programmes. If that isn’t your case finding a reputable parlour close to your accommodation is worthwhile, considering that there are parlous everywhere.

Take A Stroll Through Lumpini Park

With an area of more than 500,000 square metres, Lumpini Park offers Bangkok residents a much-needed escape from the city’s bustle. The Lord Buddha, who was born in Nepal, inspired the park’s name.

When you go through the park, it’s not unusual to observe the older Thai generation doing Thai Chi or a loving couple unwinding by the lake. The park is packed with people on the weekends participating in all kinds of events, so the best times to visit are early in the morning or right before sunset.

Watch Kickboxing (Muay Thai)

Although there are kickboxing arenas all around Thailand, the major fights often take place in Bangkok at the Lumpini or Ratchadamnoen stadiums. Thailand’s national sport is muay thai, and it is well publicised. The number of people watching television is among the highest for any show that is broadcast.

The locals become so engrossed in the fights that the atmosphere reaches fever pitch that an evening spent at the stadium is guaranteed to be action filled. If taking bets is also something that interests you, there is typically someone wandering around doing it.

Best Tours in Bangkok

Bangkok by Night: Temples, Markets and Food by Tuk-Tuk

On this after-dark temples, markets, and food tuk-tuk tour, discover the charm of Bangkok at night. Your evening trip starts with a tuk-tuk ride across Bangkok, where you can observe how the city lights provide a soft glow on both contemporary skyscrapers and historic temples against the night sky. You’ll learn about the city from your local guide as you stop at markets and palaces, stroll through Chinatown’s busy streets, and gorge on street cuisine.

Private Tour to Kanchanaburi Erawan Waterfall and Elephant Care

Spend the day in the Kanchanaburi region, away from Bangkok, exploring a variety of historic and natural sights. Visit an elephant rescue centre, take a swim in the lovely Erawan Waterfall, explore Krasae Cave, also known as the Cave of the Buddha, and discover more about World War II in Thailand at the infamous Death Railway.

Full-Day Private Ayutthaya and Bang Pa-In Summer Palace from Bangkok

This private day excursion from Bangkok is great for history aficionados because it takes you to the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ayutthaya. Round-trip transfers in a private vehicle save you the hassle of renting a car, and a private guide assures you of their undivided attention and plenty of time for questions.

Private : Three Temples Bangkok City Tour (SHA Plus)

Bangkok is home to several stunning temples, making it difficult to decide which to visit first. The three must-see temples Wat Traimit, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun are all included in this convenient city trip, along with other attractions like markets and areas home to ethnic minorities. First-time visitors to Bangkok will learn everything there is to know about Thai culture and religion on this tour.

Half-Day Railway Market and Floating Market Tour in Thailand

On this small-group shopping excursion, you’ll securely and easily visit two of Bangkok’s most unique marketplaces. Visit the “disappearing” Maeklong Railway Market on a real train track and purchase fresh food at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market from a Thai long-tail boat. Learn the customs and marketing etiquette from a manual so you may shop with confidence.

Dining Out in Bangkok

Best Restaurants & Bars in Bangkok

Raan Jay Fai

You may be familiar with Jay Fai. She rose to renown when she received a Michelin star in the first Bangkok edition of the book, being the first and only street food vendor to do so.

Her once-humble stall, which had been quietly serving some of Bangkok’s greatest street cuisine, was suddenly surrounded by visitors, resulting in wait times of up to four or five hours.

This woman, who Martha Stewart reportedly referred to as “the best cook in Thailand,” will turn 75 in 2020 and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

The crab omelette is Jay Fai’s special recipe. Pricey, but unquestionably worthwhile. It has enormous chunks of crab meat within and is about the size of a tortilla.

Nhong Rim Klong

Nhong Rim klong, a street food vendor positioned beside a canal not far from Wattana Panich, is not a restaurant. Although the location could be more picturesque, the excellent meal more than makes up for it.

Customers eat at three or four tables along the canal while the meal is being prepared in a kitchen on top of a bridge. Thankfully, the mouth-watering fragrances drifting from the open kitchen cover out any canal odours.

Wattana Panich

The beef at Wattana Panich is renowned for being slow-braised with coriander root and more than a dozen other herbs and spices. Apart from the flavour, what sets it apart is how long it’s been simmering in this particular cauldron—more than 40 years!

The restaurant prepares the following day’s menu using the soup from the day before each evening. The reduced soup would continue to simmer in a pot, and the next day it would be used as stock. Since the restaurant originally began more than 40 years ago, they have been carrying out this practise.

Pe Aor Tom Yum Goong

Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia’s Bangkok episode included Pe Aor Tom Yum Goong (also spelled P’Aor or Pee Aor). Many people believe it offers the best tom yum goong in Bangkok.

The addition of fat from shrimp heads to the broth is another technique used by Pe Aor to create its famous tom yum. Tom YUM, in fact!

The Rooftop at Sala Rattanakosin

This bar, which is located on the top floor of Sala Rattanakosin, a modern boutique hotel, is the greatest place in the city to see Wat Arun, the glittering Temple of Dawn, and a few other famous landmarks in Bangkok. In this old area of the city, views are unobstructed by skyscrapers and you can see for kilometres. Ornamental roof peaks dot the horizon. The bar offers 360-degree views of sky-illuminating pyrotechnics during significant occasions including Loy Krathong, which traditionally falls in early November and signifies the end of the rainy season, New Year’s Eve, and Thai Father’s Day on December 5th. The menu is characterised by traditional beverages with a Thai touch, such as whiskey sours and gin and tonics: try the Sala Sunset, made with a local Thai rum, triple sec, and mango, or the Phraya Passion, a sweet but potent rum punch.

Mikkeller Bangkok

To reach this delightful mid-century property with a verdant yard, take a cab from the Ekkamai BTS station and zig-zag through narrow residential lanes. That is Mikkeller, the first outpost of the well-known Danish beer pub in Asia. The so-called “beertenders” here serve taster flights and samples. While Mikkeller beers make up the bulk of the selection, other beers include those from 8 Wired in New Zealand, Lervig in Norway, and Young Master Brewery in Hong Kong. The bar menu offers a variety of heartier dishes, including wagyu burgers, handmade sausage, and pork belly with mashed potatoes, in addition to finger foods like loaded fries that can stand up to the powerful IPAs.

Maggie Choo’s

Maggie Choo’s is a gloomy, moody basement bar that has a strong 1930s Shanghai feel. The bar features several whimsical decorations, such as hanging paper umbrellas and figurines of warriors in terracotta, all the creation of well-known designer Ashley Sutton. Frequently, attractive women dressed in traditional Chinese garb casually rock back and forth on swings that are strung from the ceiling. Walk down the steep stairs and enter a little noodle shop: the much larger bar is concealed by heavy drapes.

Inside the former bank vaults of the East India Company are private booths (complete with exposed brickwork and giant metal doors). A grand piano is also present and is used for live performances. The cocktails are excellent but quite expensive, frequently delivered somewhat ceremoniously with lot’s of dry ice, elegant garnishes and even candy floss!

Food Markets in Bangkok

Chatuchak Market

If you enjoy shopping, you should visit this location. If you detest shopping, you should stay far away from this location. One of the biggest markets in the world, with over 8000 stalls spread across 27 acres.

It is open every Saturday and Sunday and draws close to 200,000 visitors per day. You can buy nearly anything you can think of here, and most items are priced locally rather than touristically. It is definitely worthwhile to pick up a map before you visit to avoid getting lost in the market for hours.

Or Tor Kor Market

Or Tor Kor Market, which is next to the well-known Chatuchak Market, is renowned for offering only the best produce. It feels more like a department shop than a real wet market since it is so nice and tidy.

Or Tor Kor is so well-known, in fact, that CNN rated it one of the top 10 fresh markets in the world.

This is a wonderful spot to taste durian if you’ve never had it before but are curious to.

Bon Marché

The Bon Marché used to be a golf course that suffered losses during the 1997 Asian financial crisis before it was transformed into a sizable fresh market. Nearly two decades later, Bangkokians from all over the city travel to this market near Don Mueang Airport because of its renown as a must-visit location for shopping. Fun fact: The self-service canteen at Bon Marché was one of the first in the city.

Food Villa Ratchapruek

Due to developments that feature multi-million baht residences, Ratchapruek is a developing residential region that has established a reputation as a posh, elite neighbourhood. Car-owning locals go Food Villa to chow down on delicious food. FYI, this is where you can find Bangkok’s most picturesque Starbucks.

Khlong Toei Market

Khlong Toei Market will provide you the authentic Thai market experience even if it may not be as contemporary or aesthetically pleasing as the other markets on the list. The largest fresh market in Bangkok, it is well-liked by chefs looking for the finest ingredients for their restaurants. Because of its fame, the Khlong Toei Market was mentioned in the hit Netflix series “Somebody Feed Phil.”


Retreats By Location

Find the ideal yoga retreat for you. These retreats are located in a variety of settings around Thailand, from peaceful beach getaways to meditative retreats in lush jungles, you will surely find the best yoga retreat for you and have a restful and revitalising experience.

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